When you buy vintage you’re buying history.

Just think about it for a second. When you buy that lovely 1970’s Gunne Sax prairie dress, you’re buying years of history, experiences, and moments. It is our belief that every garment has a story to tell and by buying vintage, you add to the history of that particular piece.

Fashion is cyclical.

I’m sure you’ve heard it before – fashion repeats on a 20-30 year cycle. Some may scoff at the idea but all they need do is look at past magazines or celebrities. Trends are repeated and recycled year after year. Sure, innovative pieces come out on the runway each year, but why not go straight to the source and buy those original 1969 high waisted bell bottoms? There is no doubt that those are an instant conversation piece. Moreover, do you even know how much clothing ends up in landfills every year? More than 10 million tons of clothing in just America. Let’s try and end this cycle of waste and reuse those pieces previously discarded.

You might be weird and that’s A-OK.

Not everyone is gonna dig your lime green paisley jumpsuit and that’s ok. You rock that jumpsuit and don’t care what others think because above all – personal style is what matters. You do you boo boo.

If you feel good, we feel good.

There’s nothing more delightful than seeing someone’s face light up when they score a sweet piece of clothing. Finding the perfect piece of vintage is like finding a piece of yourself. And whenever we find something that makes our faces light up, we know that some rad chick out there is gonna love what she finds.